MOTORCYCLE fans can learn more about how to keep themselves safe on the roads at a free training session being held in Salisbury next month.

A1 Roadcraft and Salisbury Motorcycle and Light Car Club are holding the training day on Sunday, April 27, when prospective riders can try out two wheels for themselves with bikes, protective clothing, helmets, and expert supervision provided.

Ian Futcher of Salisbury Motorcycle and Light Car Club said: “The objective of the training day is to provide an opportunity for anyone to come along and try for themselves what it is like to ride a bike and at the same time get some expert advice on how to get started or advancing to the next stage.

“Two-wheeled transport can provide a genuine low cost solution to personal transport as well as having some practical advantages over car use and we would like to extend the benefits of motorcycles and scooters to as many people as possible.”

For more information contact A1 Roadcraft on 0800 716156.