A WOMAN from Shrewton whose home and belongings were ruined by flooding has been denied an insurance payout because her policy was underwritten by an Icelandic firm whose licence has been withdrawn.

Roslyn Earle, 66, was forced to leave her home on February 10 with just her two cats and a suitcase, leaving everything else behind.

She had taken out an insurance policy through the broker Country Gentlemen’s Association (CGA) and thought she would be completely covered.

But after five weeks she still hasn’t got the money she needs to sort out her home and replace her ruined possessions, and is not sure she ever will.

“It’s just a nightmare,” she said. “I don’t have any furniture; I don’t have an iron, a television or a radio. Everything, without exception, has been ruined downstairs.”

Her policy was underwritten by Icelandic firm European Risk Insurance Company, which has surrendered its operating licence and is currently under investigation by the FME, the Icelandic Financial Supervisory body. Mrs Earle submitted a claim the same day her home was flooded, but it has taken her five weeks of worried calls and inquiries to discover why her payout has not been forthcoming.

“CGA must have known about it all along and they didn’t tell me,” she said.

A CGA spokesman said: “We extend our sympathy to clients of the CGA, and to those of other brokers, during this uncertain time.

“We are working hard to ensure our customers are kept up-to-date with developments and are actively finding them alternative options for insurance cover.”

Mrs Earle was given an interim payment of £5,400 by CGA but says it won’t go far as she is now living in a rented holiday cottage after staying with friends for the past few weeks.

She has thanked the local vicar, The Rev Eleanor Rance for her help, as well as Appleford School where some of her possessions are being stored. And she has now enlisted the help of claim consultants Morgan Clark to try to get the money she is due.

“As far as I can see they are the only people helping me,” she said. “I’m desperate.”