WILTSHIRE Council has been asked to transfer ownership of Salisbury's Market Place to the city council.

Salisbury city councillor Atiqul Hoque has sent a letter to the county council formally requesting the area be handed over.

He said: It is time to do something about it and everybody I have spoken to is happy for me to move forward with this proposal.

“We are doing this for the people of the city, many of whom are surprised that it doesn't belong to the city. It will be a great thing for the communi¬ty.”

He said business owners have also been supportive of the move.”

At the moment Wiltshire Council is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the market and Guildhall squares while Salisbury City Council runs it.

There have previously been discussions about the possibility of trans¬ferring ownership but it was thought better to wait until after the recently completed renovation works had been completed.

Wiltshire councillor Richard Clewer said: “I was against it a few years ago because of the work that needed to be done - the city council wasn't really in a position to take it on then. It makes sense now to hand it back; the city council runs it, and it is outside the Guildhall.”

Cllr Clewer said he went out to speak to people in the square at the weekend and most supported the idea of the area being in the hands of the city council.

· To give your views on ownership of the Market Place go to surveymonkey.com/s/DHKQ9QB.