SHE remembers the sinking of The Titanic, she walked beside German prisoners at the bottom of her garden during the First World War and she worked in the Civil Defence Service in the Second World War.

On Saturday Joyce Massie, who was born on April 12, 1909, will reach the grand old age of 105.

Mrs Massie, who lives at St Ives House near Ringwood, will be celebrating this milestone with a tea party for her friends and family on the day.

Mrs Massie said: “I never thought I would reach 105, but you just get on with it. I don’t think it really is that remarkable.

“I have several memories, one is walking next to Tommy, a soldier during the First World War.

“He was lame and walked with a stick and would have to march the German prisoners close to my house. I would walk with him and we would talk.”

Mrs Massie married Bill, a banker at Westminster Bank in London on her birthday during a bombing raid.

She said: “Bill came home one day and told me that he had ‘fixed it’. I asked him what he had fixed.

“And he said that he had booked the church for us to be married on my birthday.”

“I asked him why he hadn’t asked me properly and he told me that he thought I might say no,” she laughed.

“There were doodlebugs dropping close to our wedding day, but we just got on with it.”

The pair moved to Ringwood following their retirement, having fostered good friendships in the town.

Manager of St Ives House Michele Ratcliffe said Mrs Massie was the oldest resident they have ever had and is “a remarkable lady.”

She added: “She was living on her own in one of our flats until she was 101.

“She is incredible. She is a very happy and positive soul.

“She joins in with the activities in the house and this morning she joined in with our raffle.

“She is a lovely lady.”