A FILM maker who grew up in Three Legged Cross is offering some great fun rewards for backers of his latest enterprise.

Daniel Webb made his first feature length film while still at Queen Elizabeth School, and has since gone on to make several films after getting a degree in the subject.

Now he’s been offered the chance to make and direct his latest film, and get it distributed, but needs to raise £1,500 to fund the rest of the project.

People who want to invest are being offered everything from the chance to have your name on the credits of the film for donating £5, up to a fully edited film if you contribute £400 or more, or the chance to be a director for £500.

Mr Webb was given his first camera aged nine, and made little films on his computer.

When he was 18 he wrote, directed, starred in and edited his first feature length film The Zombie Survival Guide.

It was premiered to a large audience in 2007.

He now works as a freelance editor in London and has completed three feature films so far, one of which is due to come out in cinemas next year called Lapse of Honour.

Two of his feature film scripts are getting interest from studios and investors.

He is now seeking support for a project with Dorset short story writer Sarah Scanlan, called The Rite of Rosemary.

He’s hired crew and several actors with lots of TV roles under their belts.

He is putting in a lot of money himself, but wants to “crowdfund” the rest of the film.

He said: “Though the cast and crew are all doing this project for the sheer love of the story, filmmaking unfortunately still requires a budget to make the process run smoothly and make the film possible.

“Even the smallest contribution will make a difference.”

Anyone interested in finding out more can go to www.kickstarter.com/projects/1305471094/the-rite-of-rosemary-short-film.