A NEW one-to-one programme to help adults get healthy - and stay that way - with the help of qualified health trainers is being rolled out across Wiltshire.

Health trainers will be in libraries and children’s centres across the county, working with people to encourage them to adopt healthier habits and stick to them.

The health trainers work on a one-to-one confidential basis. People have six sessions which are up to an hour at a time.

The scheme began in March in north Wiltshire and following its success is now being introduced across the rest of the county.

Senior health trainer Dave Payne said: “We have a good team of health trainers who have all received training to enable them to support adults to become healthier and happier.

“With this programme we are also looking at healthy weight. When people understand they don’t need to go on a diet but just eat healthily and move around a little bit more, it seems to work. People know what to do.

"They just need that extra encouragement. Building motivation and confidence is key. We also help clients access different groups and activities. As we are community-based we know what our area has to offer.”

To contact the health trainer programme email health.trainers@wiltshire.gov.uk or phone 0300 003 4566.