A CHILDREN’S clothing and toy shop in Ringwood is looking for a good cause to receive their donated baby clothing.

Dana Elsworth, who runs TEDs Toy Exchange and Nearly New Shop, in Christchurch Road, says that they are looking for a charity to give the items to, which are too nice to sell on for rag and recycling.

She said: “We have a lot of items that are faded or bobbly through washing, but are totally reusable. Items include babygrows, sleepsuits, sleepsacks, tops, shoes and more.

“Our current beneficiary is the West Moors charity, Myra’s Wells, who help support children in Burkina Faso, Africa.

“Through their work, tons of reusable clothing from TEDs was shipped out to a school, an orphanage and families.”

However, she added, the charity is not in need of baby clothing at the moment.

“As a social enterprise, we are looking to find another local charity who can get the items to where they are needed and can collect from our Ringwood shop.”

Contact Dana on 01425 474302.