A NEW two-storey classroom building at South Wilts School in Salisbury has been given the go-ahead.

Wiltshire Council’s southern area planning committee granted permission for the new building, as well as an extension to the existing technology block, at a meeting held on Thursday.

The new building, which will replace an existing temporary single-storey classroom block, will be sited to the northern end of the school complex, next to the running track.

Concerns were raised at a previous meeting regarding the impact on houses along the school boundary, including the loss of a views and light and an increase in noise and overshadowing.

However, officers didn’t consider that the proposal would result in a loss of any direct sunlight or overshadowing to a detrimental degree, as the building will be away from the boundary and more than 60m away from the property in question.

An objection was also raised to the use of the land for a permanent building, as a condition was placed on the original permission for a temporary building so that when it came to the end of its functional life the land would be restored.

But officers accepted that the school is in need of space and the building work is required to “enhance the educational environment”.