ABOUT 880 homes in the Durrington area are suffering a phone line outage this morning.

The BT outage also affects elderly or vulnerable people who rely on the 'call safe' emergency system and Wiltshire Police is asking the public to check on neighbours during the outage.

Inspector Steve McGrath from Wiltshire Police's emergency call centre said: “BT have assured us that the 999 system and landlines will be working again by 12.30pm today. In the meantime we have put in extra patrols in the area and have contacted our partners such as fire, ambulance and Wiltshire Council to make them aware so that they can also make sure extra resources are in the area.

“Mobile phones are unaffected to the public can still call 999 but we ask that residents consider checking on elderly or vulnerable neighbours who may not have access to a landline, or who rely on an emergency call button system as these will not be working.”