CHRISTMAS might be months away but people are already being asked if they would like to be part of this year's festive market in Salisbury.

The organisers of the Salisbury Christmas Market are planning a number of extra events this year to tie in with the theme, which is Christmas traditions from around Europe.

With plans for a Swedish St Lucia Day, a St Nikolaus Day and a Scottish St Andrew's Day, the organisers would like to hear from any schools, choirs, music groups, theatre groups and people from these countries who would like to be a part of these events.

The St Lucia Day, on December 13, will include a children's procession, Swedish traditional Christmas songs, Luciakrona (Lucia crown) making workshops for children and Swedish food and drink.

And the St Andrew's Day celebrations, on November 30, will include Scottish country dancing, a pipe band and whisky tastings.

Choirs, music groups and buskers are also welcome to perform on the new bandstand throughout the 24 day duration of the Christmas Market.

For more information email organiser Stephanie Swann at