A SERIES of frauds over the last two months – including one Dorset pensioner who lost £26,000 – has sparked a warning from police.

There have been 68 reports of courier fraud in Dorset alone, with fraudsters phoning victims posing as police officers, convincing them to withdraw large sums of cash, which they are asked to send to London by taxi or via a courier.

In one example, a man in his eighties in Weymouth was told money had been drawn out of his account and replaced with counterfeit cash. The victim was advised to call 999 to verify the caller’s details which he did – but it is believed he was still speaking to the fraudsters. He was then persuaded to hand over £26,000.

DCI Will White, of the regional organised crime unit – Zephyr, said: “The police and the banks will never ask you for banking details or PIN numbers on the phone. Similarly, they would never send a courier to collect bank cards or money.”

If you think you have been a victim of fraud or you are suspicious of a caller, report it to Dorset Police on 101 or contact the dedicated Action Fraud team on 0300 123 2040.