CASHLESS parking has arrived in East Dorset.

The mobile phone service will enable people to pay for their parking by credit or debit card or text message.

With phone parking users don’t have to save up change, don’t have to trek to and from the machine and don’t need to put a ticket on their dashboard.

Download the RingGo app to register and pay for parking, or call the standard rate telephone number 01202 232 000 when you park. To save time you can register in advance.

When using the service for the first time, people will be asked for information about their vehicle, the four or five digit location code shown on the sign and details of their payment card. When using the service again, RingGo recognises the mobile phone number and retrieves the information given, reducing time considerably.

Users can pay with RingGo via the apps, by calling, using a text message or paying online. There is a 20p charge to use the system.