PEOPLE in Mere are being consulted on the future of the town’s swimming pool.

The open air pool is in need of extensive refurbishment work, and in order to carry it out Mere Parish Council would need to apply for grant funding.

The parish council previously organised and funded the refurbishment of the swimming pool when it took on the lease.

But volunteers dwindled and the swimming pool was out of use until Bob Parsons from Mere, along with some volunteers, carried out work over a period of five years to reopen it.

However, their efforts were faced with two poor summers and repeated vandalism and an inspection then revealed the pool would need extensive repairs to reopen.

The council is confident it could get the funding but would need to find a team of volunteers, lifeguards and supervisors to oversee the management and running of the pool.

It has not yet been possible to secure this volunteer commitment and alternative uses are being put forward such as filling in the pool and providing a selection of outdoor gym equipment, or a ball pit for toddlers.

Ideas and comments are welcome, contact the council’s clerk, Lindsey Wood, on 01747 860701 or