ST Mark’s Primary School is seeking supporters from far and wide as it raises money for a new allotment garden.

The school is using crowdfunding to raise the £480 it needs for a garden shed.

The internet appeal will go global and people from all over the world will be able to make a pledge to support the project called Chalkface to Greenspace.

St Mark’s deputy headteacher and project leader Nicky Phillips said: “In the few months since the allotment project started we have been really fortunate to gain grants from our PTA and from local charity, Focus In On Life.

"We’ve been given seeds, tools and compost by our local SCATS store and members of the public have donated tools and equipment through Freecycle.

"This has given us a great start and we’ve been able to get the allotment site dug over and beds put in place. However, to take the project on to its next phase we need a grow shed and tools and so we need to look at finding new sources of funds.”

The website went live on Saturday and anyone interested in supporting the project can visit