AMESBURY History Centre is seeking volunteers to help them tell the story of the town’s long and interesting past.

The history centre – which was formerly known as Amesbury Museum and Heritage Centre – is run by the Amesbury Society on behalf of the town council, which owns the building.

Bill Dunn from the society told last Tuesday’s meeting of the town council that visitor numbers are increasing and there are exciting plans ahead.

“In the last month we had 237 members of the public visit us and this generated £380 in income,” he said.

“We have renamed it Amesbury History Centre to better reflect what we offer and we have plans for a young people’s club.

“And in time we hope to have a new building on the site to display everything in.”

Cllr John Noeken said he hoped the role of history centre project manager could be created to take the history centre forward.

“When you see what they are doing with the museums in Salisbury there is no reason we could not do the same here,” he said.

“A project manger could see this in a new light and help us in the years ahead.”

The increasing number of visitors means the history centre is currently looking for volunteers to show people around, serve in the shop and make refreshments.

Training and information about Amesbury’s history will be provided.

Help with practical tasks including mowing, cleaning, painting and decorating would also be appreciated.

Anyone who is interested should contact the volunteer co-ordinator Ros Cuthbert-Brown on or call in at the History Centre, on Church Street, between 11am and 4pm Tuesday to Saturday.