FED-UP locals have had enough of people littering the New Forest’s beauty spots after the weekend’s good weather.

People say the litter problem at Linford Bottom near Ringwood is “horrendous”.

They say picnic debris, barbecues and nappies are strewn throughout the forest and its inclosures every time nice weather brings out the visitors.

Dog walker Kierstin Hall says many locals dread the bank holidays and warm weekends because of the amount of discarded litter left by visitors.

She said: “Broken glass, polystyrene cups and plastic bags are dangerous for the wildlife along with dogs and horses. Disposable barbecues are often left on the riverbanks or dumped in the stream rather than being taken back to the car park.

“Spiky objects such as knives, forks, tent pegs and barbecue skewers are frequently just left on the ground and recently I found a box, full of opened safety pins, which had been tipped out on the grass where the animals graze.

“Wooden pallets have been dumped in the stream, presumably to make landing areas for people to sit, which had clogged the waterway.”

Mrs Hall added: “Local people dread the bank holidays and summer evenings or weekends because of the litter problem.”

Clerk to the Verderers Sue Westwood said: “Why do they think people will clear up after them? Discarded litter is very dangerous to forest stock.

“Young animals, particularly foals and calves, are very inquisitive and are likely to pick it up and eat it.

“The forest is a beautiful area and leaving litter is very dangerous, very irresponsible, very inconsiderate and very unsightly.”

Ms Westwood added: “Take your litter home.”

A Forestry Commission spokesman said: “As stated by our partners, we'd encourage people to take their litter home and not spoil the very beauty spot that they've come to enjoy.

“We have provided a double litter bin at this site, recently relocated to a more prominent position.

“Litter bin collections take place on Friday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. But during busy periods, particularly in good weather, we appeal to people using the site to use their common sense. If bins are full, bag up your litter and please take it away with you.”