AN artist and actor from Ringwood is one of the housemates in this year’s Big Brother.

Chris Wright, 33, who is known for his drawings using biro, entered the house on Friday night.

The show features 16 housemates this year, who will be expected to undertake tasks as they are whittled down by a series of public votes.

Already Wright has been accused of being “fake” and got embroiled in a row with another housemate.

He was booed as he entered the house, too, after his video failed to win the audience over.

But housemates are evidently warming to the “obsessively polite” Ringwood man, and he is safe from the public vote this week after picking up just one nomination from the other 15 inmates on Monday.

Wright told producers he was not looking for love in the house. In his video, shown to viewers before he entered, he said his reasons for going in were “free rent”, “to lose weight” and because he “can't afford therapy”.

Wright also told producers he gets on best with intelligent people as "willing stupidity is worse than natural stupidity".

He says he is not entering BB to further his acting career. “I will walk through any open door right now just to check out the scenery,” he says.

He lists “creativity, honesty and respect” among his traits, and says his parents have taught him how to be polite to others at all times.

He said: “I’m trying to wean myself of this a bit because now I am obsessively polite – if someone punched me in the face and they got blood on their knuckles I’d apologise for making their hands dirty.”

He says he enjoys the “lifestyle of acting” and he has never worked a 9-5 job because he “just couldn’t”.

Wright has been working with biro since 2008, and has earned praise from West London Living and the Ealing Gazette in the summer of 2009 after his exhibition at the Riverside Studios was hailed as one of the ‘Top Five Things To Do’ in the city.

As an actor he has starred in the Film Four comedy Faintheart and produced and performed in the feature film Small Town Folk with Warwick Davis. He has been the face of ongoing campaigns for 20th Century Fox, MGM, and WKD, and praised by the Cambridge Film Festival for carrying off an “outstanding performance”.