ENTERTAINER Christopher Biggins returned home to Salisbury on Saturday to be best man at his brother’s wedding.

In true panto “he’s behind you!” style, the cheeky star photobombed the happy couple’s cake cutting shot, eager to get in first for a taste of the cake.

Sean Biggins married Tracy West, his partner of more than two years, at St John the Baptist Church in Hindon.

They walked from their home in the village to the church and then the whole congregation walked together down the high street to the village hall.

The bride’s friend Hilary Campbell Smith made the cakes – strawberry and cream sponge topped with meringue and strawberry fudge pieces.

Sean said: “Chris had been on all day saying ‘when are we going to have the cakes?’ because they looked so good, so when we cut it he was sneaking up behind us to get first dibs!

“We had a wonderful day and Chris raised the roof with laughter when he made his best man’s speech.”