EACH week I visit my parents’ grave at London Road cemetery.

Like so many other families and friends we tend to our loved ones’ resting place with pride, therefore I was utterly distraught to discover my parents’ grave in a complete and utter mess.

Their ashes are interred in a small plot at the front of the graveyard, the grass had been recently cut and left to dry hard on the granite stone, which left it in a dreadful state.

To add insult to injury, the beautiful silk flowers which are normally contained in their holder on the grave were no longer there; I found them several graves away covered in mess, and damaged.

I was fortunate to speak to the Salisbury City Council workers who were sitting in their van nearby and after proclaiming my feelings at how my parents’ grave and all those around it had been left, I was informed that they still had to blow away the grass from the gravestones. Surely this should have been done immediately afterwards and not days later when it had dried and stuck to the granite?

They informed me that it was probably the deer who had removed the flowers.

Well excuse my ignorance, but I have never seen deer eat silk flowers or carry them off.

This was nothing more than an excuse for sheer disrespect to those buried and interred.

I phoned Salisbury City Council to complain and was told the manager would call me.

However, over a week later and I am still waiting for the call.

Get your act together Salisbury City Council and have respect for those who have departed this life and for their families.

Bernadette Presley, Salisbury