PUPILS at Chilmark and Fonthill Bishop Primary School have been learning about green screen technology.

Children spent two days learning how to set up a studio including backdrops, lights and computers, and then they were recorded in front of an audience, presenting the news and weather.

They also had the chance to hone their skills behind the camera, working as a director or runner.

Headteacher Karen Kearney said: “We all found the day incredibly rewarding. Presenting the weather on television looks straight forward, but in fact it isn’t and the children soon realised this after doing it themselves. The workshop helped them with their confidence in public speaking as well reading an autocue. It has given them a taste of broadcast media and might be the catalyst for inspiring any would-be presenters.”

Michael Eyre, director at The Movie Workshop, added: “Not only is the workshop a lot of fun it also helps teach the children valuable skills they will need as they develop into young people; such as team work and understanding how processes function and fit together in the work place.”