THERE will be no carnival in Verwood next year.

Organisers have had enough, and the town will next year have no carnival for the first time in 84 years.

Carnival chairman Adrian Read said there were: “Probably 1,000 people there on Saturday, which is good but not good enough.”

Comments on Facebook criticising the event have got the committee down, he says, and the turnout hardly justified the effort they had all put in, organising exciting arena events such as a motorcycle display team.

Now Mr Read and his committee are planning to hold a public meeting to see what people want to see in the carnival’s place.

He said: “We had one float and four walking entries and I can’t thank them enough - they were brilliant.

“But it’s just not enough - we’re beating our heads against the wall.

“The fairground people weren’t happy, and the catering van can’t afford to come next year because he didn’t make enough.

“People thoroughly enjoyed the arena events and we were lucky with the weather. I just don’t know why people don’t support it.

“We did all we could and worked hard but there’s no reward.

“Out of four schools in the town only Hillside entered. They did a brilliant job, but we needed all the schools and clubs to join in.

“There won’t be a carnival next year I can assure you of that.

“There will be something - I can’t just jack it in. We shall definitely try something.”

He added: “We are seriously thinking of having an open meeting in the next couple of weeks for anyone with suggestions as to what they might like to see in place of the carnival.

“A lot of people felt they could criticise and have an opinion on Facebook - well, we shall see if they are prepared to be involved in whatever we come up with to replace it.”

Anyone with any ideas can contact Mr Read on 01202 826908 after 5pm.