PUPILS at Salisbury Cathedral School made their own films and showcased them in a festival to raise money for the charity HeadSmart.

The idea developed from a brainstorming session by the school council to come up with innovative ways to fundraise.

The children scripted, story-boarded, filmed and starred in their productions through a newly-formed film club, using equipment provided by the school's Friends Association.

One plot concerned a ghost who did not realise he was dead, another was about a seasoned teacher who lost his ability to control a class, and the last about a box with magical powers.

Year 8 pupils also used the new equipment to make a comedy about a bungled bank heist as part of their post Common Entrance programme.

The school mocked up a cinema, complete with popcorn vendors, to premiere the films for an enthusiastic audience of parents and friends.

Ticket sales raised £278 for the brain cancer charity, with more money to come from the sale of DVDs.