RAILWAY lovers are needed to work with writer Dino Aristidou to help create a new production called Leaves on the Line.

Ringwood’s Forest Forge Theatre Company is working with The Lights Theatre in Andover on the project and would like input from historians, railway workers and/or enthusiasts at a coffee morning on Thursday, July 17 at 11.30am in the Lights Arena café bar.

The information gathered will help create a new piece of work that follows the story of a young woman looking at two possible directions her life will take, based on the choice she makes on a railway platform.

Play director Kirstie Davis said: “For the writer, gathering local information about disused railways and the railways of the area is a crucial part of the research.

“It helps make the piece relevant to the residents of Hampshire and there is so much information that we as a company do not know and need people to tell us.

“We are really hoping we can meet people knowledgeable about the railways and trains of the area and their rich history.

“As this is a piece of new writing we are also keen to meet those interested in writing who can contribute to the letters that might be read as part of the play."