CHILDREN from Exeter House School and Woodford Valley Primary Academy resource base teamed up with La Folia team to perform their own take on Shakespeare's The Tempest, called Full fathom Five.

Following on from its four-year Ring Cycle project, La Folia came up with the Magna Carta project 2014/15, to mark the 800th anniversary of the historic document.

The idea was to put together a 'great charter' of songs, created by students with special needs who may find it difficult to express themselves in today's society.

The idea was to develop the theme of The Tempest after Exeter House School's own performance of the play at Christmas. This meant the children already had a good feeling about the action and characters.

Every member of the cast had the opportunity to interpret the play and have created the words and music themselves, responding to the themes of the original play.

The company was able to incorporate construction, sculptural forms, printing and printmaking, with the children putting in a lot of work and responding well to the different materials, concentrating on the elements of fire, wind and waves.

A spokesman for La Folia said: “It remains a privilege to work in such schools where the possibilities of an arts project are embraced.”