DEVELOPERS have resubmitted plans for a 60-house eco-village in Salisbury.

Mark Vaughan of Five Rivers Eco-Homes Ltd wants to build the 60-home site at Castle Works, an industrial estate on Castle Road, next to Hudson’s Field and Salisbury Rugby Club.

A previous application was submitted in 2011 and refused by Wiltshire Council’s strategic planning committee in 2012 because the site is in a prominent and sensitive location on a main approach into Salisbury, surrounded by open space and is visible from the Old Sarum ancient monument.

Councillors objected to the proposed development occupying a larger proportion of the site than the current industrial buildings, and that it would include three-storey buildings.

The new plan proposes 42 houses and 18 apartments – compared to the previous plan for 36 houses and 24 apartments – and removes one of the four planned apartment blocks. This plan would be a 15 per cent reduction in floorspace and would only offer two and three bedroom properties, whereas the previous plan included some one bedroom dwellings.

Members of the public can comment on the application until August 14, and a decision is expected to be made by the council by October 3.