A WOMAN has been reunited with her dog after it went missing at the weekend.

Jane Amos-Richards, who lives in Salisbury, was visiting her mother Brenda in Westbury on Sunday when her dog Conker went missing at about 2.30pm.

The four-year-old Beagle, which Ms Amos-Richards has had since it was a puppy, suffered some sort of fit in the garden and ran out, frightened and confused. The pair started a search mission to find him and had several sightings reported within a four-mile radius of Westbury.

Ms Amos-Richards said: “I’m over the moon we have got him back. It’s just amazing the number of people who came and helped. Situations like this are when social media really comes into its own.

“We camped out Monday night in the area and he was spotted in the morning and we managed to coax him back, but he was so nervous and didn’t know who we were.”

She said Conker is now back to his normal self, although feeling a bit sorry for himself.

He is going to the vet on Monday for a blood test to check the fit was not something serious.

Ms Amos-Richards said: “I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped.”