A BUSINESSMAN says he is fed up with Wiltshire Council failing to do its job.

Lance Foord, a self-employed businessman in Salisbury, has reported a number of issues to do with road signs he has noticed around the city to Wiltshire Council, ranging from the unsightly to those he feels are dangerous.

But he says the council don’t seem interested in resolving these problems and, despite going to the office in Wilton and reporting some of the problems in person, was told he had to go through the council’s website.

“Some of the things I’ve noticed are in urgent need and some are dangerous,” he said. “I don’t feel they are doing their job properly. They just don’t seem to care and I don’t have time to work it out on their website - it takes forever.”

Mr Foord said the right of way signs over the small bridge in the central car park between the car park and coach park have been missing since last year, causing confusion for motorists.

“I reported the bridge issue to them back in the autumn last year. It’s an accident waiting to happen and they’ve got to make it safe. It just seems to me that they are so laidback. They need to get their act together. If someone did have an accident, who’s liable?

“Now I keep noticing more things around the city.”

He said there is a sign that is an eyesore by York Road and a sign outside Gullicks Florist in Fisherton Street that has been hit by a vehicle and should be replaced.

His other biggest concern is a sign on Churchill Way West that is completely obscured by trees. Mr Foord says he has often been stopped by tourists on Fisherton Street who have got lost trying to find their way to Stonehenge because the brown sign is completely hidden.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said a replacement sign for the central car park bridge has been designed and ordered. “Replacement traffic priority signage will be put in place as soon as possible,” he said.

“If people do want to notify us of any highways issues they can let us know via the My Wiltshire app or by calling 0300 456 0105.”

He said the sign on Churchill Way West would be the responsibility of the Highways Agency.