AN appeal over an extension to a bungalow in Ringwood has been dismissed, despite the town council and neighbours having no objection.

Mr and Mrs Fotherby appealed against New Forest District Council’s refusal to allow them to build a single-storey extension on the first floor of their Addison Square home, going over the garage.

They wanted the extension to house two bedrooms, one with an en-suite bathroom. But inspector Nick Fagan dismissed the appeal, saying the extension would not fit in with its surroundings.

He said: “Addison Square is a residential loop road off Hightown Road characterised mainly by detached bungalows like the neighbour to the north, but also contains some two-storey houses.”

He added: “There are no other gambrel roofs of the type and design proposed here. The shape and design of the proposed front extension would be alien to the simple rectangular gable form of the existing bungalow and its forward garage projection.

“I acknowledge the bungalow is set back from its adjoining neighbours and the proposal would extend the house no further forward. However, its front elevation is still prominent in the street scene and also from the windows of Guy’s Close on the opposite side of the street.”

And he said: “Whilst the extension would not be particularly bulky in relation to the overall proportions of the existing house or its neighbours, its gambrel design would dominate the bungalow’s front elevation to the detriment of the local street scene.

“I conclude that the proposal would seriously harm the character and appearance of the area, for the reasons set out above. It would therefore fail to comply with Policy CS2 of the New Forest (outside the National Park) Core Strategy, which states that new development will be required to contribute positively to local distinctiveness and sense of place.

“I note that the town council does not object to the scheme, nor are there any objections from neighbours, but lack of any such objection does not affect my above conclusion on the merits of the case.”