BUS passengers say changes made when Salisbury’s bus station closed have made their bus stop dangerous.

Christine Wood and Patricia Paice both live in Harnham and say the bus stop they use to go home is on a narrow, overcrowded pavement where passengers have to stand in the road to let pushchairs and wheelchairs through.

Before the bus station was closed in January their bus always left from outside Debenhams on Blue Boar Row, where there is a wide pavement, but with the changes their stop was moved to Endless Street.

Mrs Wood said: “It’s mayhem, there’s not enough room. On Tuesday the 11.50 bus didn’t turn up and then people turned up for the 12.10 so there were double the amount of people and some had to stand in the road. We had plenty of room at our old stop, why did they have to move us?”

Mrs Paice added: “They’ll wait until somebody gets killed before they do something.”

Wiltshire Council said stops were moved in January to minimise disruption for passengers and ensure the busiest routes had enough space.

A spokesman said: “Following Wilts & Dorset’s decision to close Salisbury Bus Station, we have worked with local bus companies to put in new stops around Salisbury.”