A FAKE speed camera in Shrewton, set up by villagers to try to slow down traffic on a busy rat-run route, has been taken down for the second time.

But the residents who made it say they will not be beaten and have already got the camera back in a bid to slow down the speedsters.

Antony Cull and his neighbour Chris Fawcett built a dummy camera out of a wooden box and put it up along London Road.

Residents say they are fed up with motorists breaking the 30mph speed limit, making it almost impossible for people to walk into the village.

A volunteer speed watch group has caught motorists travelling up to 63mph.

Mr Cull came up with the idea for a dummy camera after the death of his much-loved cat Millie.

Millie was hit by a car in London Road after having lived there for six-and-a-half years.

The camera was pulled down and burnt last weekend so the pair built another one to replace it, which was pulled down and suspected stolen this weekend.

But the pair now have the camera back and they plan to continue using it to fool drivers into cutting their speed.