INSPIRATIONAL Ringwood sailor Martin Hadley came first in the Commonwealth Games sailing race – in a dinghy from the Forest Journal’s parent company, Gannett.

The Gannett Foundation funded a new Access 303 dinghy, to join the fleet of 13 at New Forest and District Sailability (NFDS) at the charity’s Blashford Lake.

Representing NFDC and the Bournemouth MS Society, Mr Hadley sailed “Gannett” on the River Clyde in Glasgow in Race 2 Games – a sailing race for people with support needs.

Mr Hadley, a wheelchair user, made a poor start in the first race at Greenock but won the second leg - coping well with the choppy water and high winds.

Mr Hadley competed hard against Andrew Frazer and finished first in front of thousands of people who lined the banks of the Clyde to watch the 250-strong fleet.

Sailability is hoping to get enough volunteers to open another session next year.

If you would like to help, contact Rory Morrison, 01425 478460 or email or Previous sailing experience is not necessary to take part.