It was a pleasure to be part of the opening of the extended Winterslow Central Stores with Lady Bessborough on Saturday.

Credit where credit is due – it was encouraging to hear that this transformation has been made possible with the backing of NatWest.

Small business lending is crucial and this is an instance in which an initial leap of faith has achieved great things. I am confident that, with its post office and extended opening hours, the new store will be a great resource for the village.

Today, I am taking a (hopefully smooth) journey to Somerset to take part in the latest study group meeting as part of the ongoing A303 feasibility study.

Tomorrow, I will be joining Mayor of Salisbury Jo Broom to help hand out the prizes at the annual Mencap Sports Day taking place at Sarum Academy. I never fail to be impressed by the feat of organisation to produce an event that is so inclusive and of which the community is so supportive.

My thoughts have been turning all week to the return of Parliament next week and to a couple of forthcoming debates in which I have a substantial interest.

In particular, I look forward to once again speaking on Porton Down and stressing the mistake I believe could be made were PHE to be relocated to Harlow.

Hugely beneficial synergies exist between the communities of scientists working in this area – connections and knowledge that would be put at risk in an enforced move.

The importance of the knowledge that is nurtured at Porton was underlined again this week by the involvement of Salisbury scientists in the fight against Ebola.

I am also gearing up for the debate on football governance and look forward to shining a light on the plight of Salisbury City.

Obviously, like so many fans, I hope that proceedings in the High Court will produce a swift and satisfactory resolution and safeguard the future of the club in responsible ownership.

However, the chain of events that has led to this point has highlighted many shortcomings in the regulation of the sport, apparent at all levels and well worthy of scrutiny in Parliament.