A DOG rescue centre based in Linwood is appealing for help to care for several of its long-term residents.

Southern Counties German Shepherd Rescue founded by Alison Mills, is now appealing for people who would be prepared to make a donation of £5 each month to help with the long-termers’ care.

Mrs Mills said: “Maybe you can’t at this time adopt a dog, but can you help us help the dogs who need a more long term place of sanctuary?”

Penny came into the rescue centre in February 2012. She was found tied to a park bench.

She went into a foster home and was happy and healthy. Sadly she suffered a stroke-like event in her spinal cord. Her rehabilitation was slow and costly, and she had to move back into the rescue for the care she needed.

Penny has made a fantastic recovery from her ordeal and although she will always be a little wobbly, she is now bright, alert and well.

Salem came into the rescue centre in April 2012 as his owner, was unable to cope with his nervous aggression and agitation.

Today, Salem is a lovely, bright, seven-year-old who is very affectionate with people he knows and trusts.

Dusty came into the rescue as a stray.

She was very scared, very thin and had some baldness on her legs. We took her into a foster home where her carer was able to gradually win her trust so that she could be handled.

She is a good weight now but she still struggles to trust most men. In the right environment, Dusty could thrive but she would need a quiet, experienced home with few visitors and lots of patience.

Early last year, we were asked to help with a young male dog who had been picked up as a stray and taken to a pound, where he had done his time.

Mrs Mills called him Teddy Bear: “He had been ‘poled’ into the pound and ‘screamed’ and urinated if anyone went near him.”

Doris Banham managed to sedate him and got him to a safe kennels in Lancashire. Sindy, who works with the rescue, travelled every day for three weeks to spend time with him.

Slowly he started to respond and the rescue were soon able to handle him, managed to bath him and he would walk on a lead with a harness.

Digger came as a seven-month-old puppy who was already having difficulties in coping with the world around him.

Digger is a bit of a ‘special needs’ dog and so is being kept as a permanent foster dog. He is a popular dog with friends and visitors, enjoying cuddles and fuss.

To sponsor a dog contact Mrs Mills at alison@southerncountiesgsdrescue.co.uk or on 01425 473907.