FED-UP mobile phone users in Verwood and Three Legged Cross are being offered a potential boost to their signal.

People in the town have long complained of poor reception on all the networks.

Now Verwood Town Council is thinking of following Cranborne’s lead and signing up to Vodafone’s Rural Open Sure Signal Programme.

The application would be handled by councillors and volunteers, but the council is asking for feedback before applying. Vodafone says signal issues aren’t always caused by how far away the nearest mast is, but are often caused by local geography.

Jane Gould, the landlady of The Inn at Cranborne would have to drive out of the village to get a signal several times a day, sitting in a layby to get her emails.

And Gavin Fauvel of the Cranborne Estate says it was so “boring” without any mobile signal it put people off living and working there.

Now they have the Rural Open Sure Signal, which uses existing broadband services to deliver the mobile phone signal needed to provide 3G coverage.

The technology uses small boxes placed high on the outside of buildings across the area, and then any Vodafone customer with a 3G device who comes in range of a unit will automatically connect to it.

Vodafone is now looking for 100 more rural communities to take part after its initial trial, and Verwood Town Council wants to hear from residents interested in the scheme, and from people who can suggest sites for the boxes, which are about the size of a small cereal packet.

To find out more go to vodafone.co.uk/ our-network-and-coverage To give the town council your feedback contact 01202 820880, email verwoodtc@btconnect.com or write to 28 Vicarage Rd, Verwood, Dorset BH31 6DR.