A QUIDHAMPTON great-grandmother has published her very first book giving an insight into her life during the turbulent times of the Second World War.

Eve Warton wrote her memoir Brave Faces, which is now on sale, under the pen name of Mary Arden.

“I am hoping that my book will bring memories back for those who still remember the war years and that the younger generation might benefit from understanding what it was like having to put on a brave face every day and just getting on with it despite the war,” said Eve.

Now 91, she embarked on writing her book at the age of 80 after one of her granddaughters asked “what did you do in the war Granny?”. It was then that she started writing down her war-time memories.

“Once I started writing it, I couldn’t stop,” Eve added.

When the Second World War broke out her parents were determined to continue with life as normal and sent her to a finishing school.

“Everybody was told to carry on as usual, as if there wasn't a war,” explained Eve.

However, she was determined to do her bit for the war effort, and volunteered to serve as a Red Cross nurse.

And when she was only 18 she joined the WRNS where she embarked on a very different life, which Eve says was an adventure in itself.

She later became part of a new elite category known as Night Vision Testers - training young pilots to see in the dark so they would land their planes on the deck of their aircraft carrier and not in the sea. As the war progressed she moved from one Naval air station to another.

Eve says she is “thrilled to bits” to have the book published, which she hopes could be made into a television series in the future and is urging any production companies out there to get in touch!

She admits the book would not have been possible without the support of the many friends who helped her.

The book was published by Troubador.

Brave Faces is available from Troubador, Waterstones,WH Smith, Amazon and Apple.

Eve will be doing a booking signing on Saturday, August 8, at Waterstones in Salisbury between 11.30am to 1.30pm.