A CAMPAIGN get a statue of the late Sir Terry Pratchett installed in Salisbury has gathered more than 2,500 signatures.

Organisers say they are now working an artist and Sir Terry's management team to draw up concept designs for the statue.

Campaigner Emily Brand said: "We've had some fantastic support and media coverage for the project, and it just goes to show how much love the community in both Salisbury and across the world had for Sir Terry.

"It's been a little quiet the last couple of weeks, but we are now working with artist Paul Kidby and Sir Terry's management team to create some concept designs for the statue in the near future.

"Once we have some designs I can go forward with the official pitch which I have been invited to put forward to one of the local councils.

"This project is going to be a long time coming to fruition, but I am so overwhelmed by the positive responses we've had so far, and I hope you'll all continue to follow us we work together to see this tribute to one of Britain's great authors come to life."

The creator of the Discworld series died at the age of 66 in March, following a public struggle with Alzheimer's disease.