A CAMPAIGN to erect a statue of best-selling author Sir Terry Pratchett has won support from Salisbury City Council.

The project is being led by Emily Brand, of Fordingbridge, who is a fan of Pratchett's books and started a petition in September to gather support for the project.  Pratchett lived in Broad Chalke and died last March after battling Alzheimer's disease.

The council's services committee on Monday night agreed to support, in principle, the campaign to erect the statue in the city.

The project was supported by Cllr John Lindley. He said: "I am a fan of Terry Pratchett and do enjoy his books. It is extremely sad that he passed away."

He said Queen Elizabeth Gardens would be the "best location" for it.  Councillors praised the work done by the Discworld series author in raising awareness of Alzheimers. 

Cllr Colin Froude said his work on dementia awareness and that he lived in the local area meant it was "right and proper to accept this opportunity". 

And Cllr Charles Rogers suggested Salisbury District Hospital would be a suitable location because of the work he did there. 

A location has yet to be decided. 

Speaking after the meeting Emily said: "I am really excited the council has given its approval so far. So many people seem on board. We can move on to the next stage of working out the funding."

No money is currently being sought from the city council. Emily is looking at crowd sponsoring to pay for the statue and business sponsorship.

She added: "Once we get all that we can move forward with the sculpture design. And of course the next proposal is for locations for the council to hopefully continue approving."

The statue is being designed and made by artist Paul Kidby, who did the illustrations for a number of Pratchett's book.

"It is going to take a long time. It is coming up to the one year anniversary of his death which makes the project really relevant," said Emily. "What has been really nice is the enthusiasm from Terry's team."

Pratchett's friend and manager Rob Wilkins, who attended the meeting last night, said: "What an honour. I am so thrilled it has already got to this stage and delighted the council has given it their support."

When asked what Pratchett would have thought of having a statue of himself, Mr Wilkins said: "He would be looking on in dismay but secretly being very pleased. He would love to be able to give pigeons somewhere to rest.

"To see a statue of Terry here in the city of Salisbury would be such a delight to share with fans worldwide."

He added: "It is exciting and great for Salisbury. From the heart is is an amazing thing - Terry was an amazing guy and did so much for Salisbury and the local area."

A report will be submitted to the city council as the project progress.