A MOTHER who killed herself suspected her husband of having an affair and had wanted to return home to Poland, an inquest has heard.

Aneta Jarosz, who worked as a kitchen porter at The Old Castle, Salisbury, was found hanged by her husband, Lukasz, in their home in North Street, Wilton, on January 6.

The 35-year-old came to England in July 2014 with her daughter to join Lukasz, who had moved here in 2009.

On Tuesday, Salisbury Coroner’s Court heard the couple had bought a flat in Szczecin, Poland, after getting married in 2003, and they continued to pay the mortgage on it while in England.

In a statement read out by the coroner in court, Aneta’s mother Urszula Zyczynska said Aneta had wanted to return to Poland but Lukasz would not allow it and that while he later agreed, he said she had to leave her daughter behind.

On seeing Aneta recently, Urszula said she had become skinny, was shaking and her thoughts were elsewhere. She said Lucasz had been unfaithful and that the couple argued and had financial problems.

There was also a suggestion Lukasz had beaten her and had blocked her mobile phone.

The court heard the Wilton flat was untidy and pieces of paper were found with information of flights in January to Poland.

Aneta, who had a degree in nursing from Poland, worked at Nando’s in Salisbury before finding work at The Old Castle.

Her boss Edyta Burdzinska said she had been off work in November suffering from depression but on her return to work in December, seemed quite happy.

Lukasz, who worked as a chef at the White Hart in Salisbury, told police his wife had been depressed for the last four or five months and they had decided to seek medical help but on the day they were due to meet the psychologist, Aneta changed her mind about going.

On January 6, he said he had awoken at about 2.30pm and had gone to look for Aneta, finding her dead in the bathroom which she had locked from the inside.

He tried to resuscitate her and said he was in shock and hysterical.

Realising he had to pick his daughter up, he went to the school, telling her what had happened as he drove around “in a haze”.

Coroner David Ridley said: “Text messages from Aneta to Lukasz refer to her mental anguish, her love for her husband and their marriage, and accusing him of an affair but there’s no evidence to support that and it’s not part of our inquiry.

“The messages reflect her low mood and lack of self worth.”

The court heard Aneta had intended previously to kill herself and had been stopped by her daughter.

The cause of death was compression of the neck and suspension by ligature.

A post-mortem examination also found recent use of amphetamines.

Mr Ridley said: “Taking into account all the evidence, I am sure Aneta did intend to end her own life. There are no criminal procedures in connection with her death. I am sure, and satisfied, the correct conclusion to record is one of suicide.”