BUSINESS owners can get more than an early morning beverage at the Coffee Lab in Salisbury on Monday morning. Successful businesswoman and venture capitalist Lara Morgan will be back to offer her advice on moving their business upwards.

Lara is passionate about sales and she knows quite a lot about them – having sold her company for £20 million.*

If you run a business and want to chew over ways to develop then why not enjoy a coffee with her at the Coffee Lab in Salisbury?

She’ll be running the second of her free to attend Entrepreneur’s Table at the Coffee Lab, Blue Boar Row, from 8.15am on Monday, August 14th.

Lara said: “It’s for people who know they are on to something and really want to take that next step forward. My hope is that people will feel confident to sit around the table and discuss their issues and thoughts in an open forum.”

Anyone who has seen the Lara Morgan approach we understand what a great opportunity this is.

Sarah Fletcher, from Mark Jones Eyecare, attended the July Entrepreneur’s table. Afterwards she said: “This mornings group was great fun, a small group but still very motivating, direct and focused. Really worth getting up for on my day off!”

Mark Jackson of Blue Bee Solutions was winner for the Salisbury Journal run growth awards and as a result went on one of Lara’s Company Shortcuts courses.

“Lara has helped Blue Bee Solutions significantly grow and has helped us with understanding how to improve our client’s sales journey and our process. She has inspired us greatly and I’m sure she will inspire you too.”

Lara added: “I am passionate about sales. If you don’t have sales you don’t have a business. There will be no pecking order. I want to hear about everything entrepreneurs have on their mind. All they have to do is turn up, buy a coffee and join me at the table.” 

*Lara Morgan is widely known for building a global leading brand licensing business, Pacific Direct, before selling a majority shareholding for £20 million. She is the proud mother of three daughters, spends most of her time supporting Enterprise acceleration, investing in great British innovations like that genuinely improve the lives of others and sharing her experiences and practical tips through public speaking.

Lara will be at the “Entrepreneur’s Table” at the Coffee Lab from 8.15am on the follow days: August 14th; September 11th; October 9th; November 20th and December 11th.