A MAN who took the law into his own hands after suspecting his neighbour was dealing drugs has escaped with a suspended sentence.

Nigel Smith, of Essex Square, Salisbury, carried out a frenzied attack on June 2 after he became fed up that the police and the local council hadn’t taken action against his neighbour Lee Parker.

“It was 9.45pm and the victim was in his flat playing cards with his friends and heard shouting,” Kate Prince, prosecuting, said.

Smith made threats to kill Mr Parker before climbing up a ladder to get to his victim’s flat and a tussle took place between the pair.

Ms Prince added that the 39-year-old was then thrown out of the flat but returned minutes later.

“Mr Parker heard a smashing noise coming from the same area and found glass all over the bedroom floor, and Mr Smith was once again up the ladder at the window trying to get in.”

Smith then made further threats to kill and threw glass at Mr Parker, with one piece hitting him on the wrist and causing injury.

On arrival police found Smith who continued to be abusive and shouted at the officers.

During his tirade Smith spat at officers Stephen Porter, Andrew Windsor and Jeanette Brownsea as they were trying to arrest him.

In a victim impact statement, PC Windsor said: “The act of spitting in my face is disgusting and degrading act, with a high risk of transmitting diseases.”

A member of the probation service said that Smith suffers from anxiety and depression but takes medication, along with consuming alcohol and cannabis on a regular basis.

“He states he has learnt his lesson and is sorry what has happened on this occasion,” she added.

“He believed the victim was a drug user and was dealing within the vicinity of the property, and was unhappy about this as nothing had happened after he told the police and the local authority.

“He became angered and decided to take the matter into his own hands.”

Chairman of the bench Elaine Stallard was told that Smith hoped to move away from the block of flats.

The court heard that Smith was already serving an 18-month community order after an attack on another of his neighbours.

Smith pleaded guilty to a count of assault by beating, another of damaging property and three counts of assaulting a constable in the execution of their duty at Salisbury Magistrates' Court on Friday.

He was handed a 12 week suspended sentence for 24 months, and ordered to pay compensation of £50 each to the three police officers, along with £180 for the window and £115 victim surcharge.