DO you have a "fine voice with good volume"? Would you look good in a three-cornered hat?

Well you may be in with a shout at becoming Salisbury's new town crier.

The city council is considering resurrecting the historical role for ceremonial purposes.

If the plan is agreed, the successful candidate will be expected to "perambulate the town to welcome residents and visitors alike spreading warmth and joy amongst all people."

The idea was rejected back in 2010, but now the city council is looking again.

The crier's elaborate outfit would likely cost about £2,000, but the council hopes a sponsor would help cover the expense.

A competition would be held to find the best candidate for the job.

Personal qualities required include, "a fine voice with good volume even without amplification" and "a great sense of humour."

Also desired is a "strong sense of duty, together with diplomacy, courtesy and an outgoing and warm personality".

A council report says: "It has been suggested that the appointment of a town crier would add to the spectacle and tradition at events in Salisbury."

The position would be voluntary, except for expenses, and the hours are listed as "whatever you are able to contribute".

The crier's tasks would include giving "regular shouts at a central point in town to tell people of forthcoming events and occasions".

The council report gives a brief history of the role, which says: "A town crier was traditionally an officer of the court who made public pronouncements as required by the court.

"Nowadays a town crier is used to make public announcements in the streets. Town criers often dress elaborately, by a tradition dating to the 18th century, in a red and gold robe, white breeches, black boots and a tri-corn hat.

"They carry a hand bell to attract people's attention, as they shout the words 'Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!' before making their announcements. The word 'Oyez' means 'hear ye,' which is a call for silence and attention."

A decision on whether to seek to appoint a town crier will be made at a services committee meeting on Monday.