A CAFE serving Salisbury's industrial estate said it was "extremely happy" to have been awarded the top food hygiene rating in its recent inspection.

Churchfields Cafe, based on Brunel Road, was awarded a five-star rating by the food standards agency on Monday (November 6).

Cafe owner Kaivan Storr said the cafe had already taken steps to address their previous one-star rating when they were named on a list of the lowest ratings by the Journal last month, but had not had a second inspection.

"It was just bad timing for us," he added.

Kaivan said: "Since taking on the cafe one year ago, we spent a lot of money and effort to change it from a rundown cabin, to a very popular cafe and it gives me and the staff that have helped build this reputation, enthusiasm and motivation to keep pushing it to its limits.

"We are extremely happy to have been awarded this.

"Having achieved the five stars we knew we should have had from the start, we can carry on offering our customers a great menu and service."