A SALISBURY woman will sporting a fake moustache for the whole month of November.

Zan Melleney will be wearing a fake moustache every day "no matter what" she is doing, to support a men's health charity.

She will be supporting The Movember Foundation, raising money for charities tackling testicular and prostate cancer, as well as men's mental health.

Usually men raise money for the cause by growing a moustache throughout the month of November.

But Zan said: "I was wishing I could help out in some way and I can't grow a moustache.

"This is the only thing I can do really, I'm a bit of a social recluse so it's a bit awkward, but you just have to embrace it."

So far Zan has worn the moustache to doctors appointments, taking her children to school, birthday parties and swimming lessons and helping to teach cooking.

"Everything I have done, I have done with a false moustache," she said.

"Some people like it but some people choose not to mention it at all.

"Some people think I'm an idiot, but I'm doing it all for Movember."

Zan is raising money as a tribute to her father, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer four years ago.

And she said raising awareness was "just as important" as fundraising, adding that two friends had gone to get checked by their doctor after seeing her efforts.

Zan said her family are supportive of her new moustache.

"The kids are fine with it, and my husband has got an odd pride in his wife's facial hair, so he's quite happy to be seen with me."

She said there has been "a lot of positivity" towards her.

"I think it makes it a more amusing thing - people donate because you are putting yourself in an awkward position," she said, adding: "There has got to be an element of awkward ridicule to get people to part with their money."

Zan beat her £250 fundraising target in the first week of November, and has already raised more than £300.

She said: "If people see me they can laugh or smile. If they want to donate that would be wonderful.

"Feel free to discuss it and talk about it rather than walking in the other direction."

Mark Fox, senior community fundraising manager at the Movember Foundation, said: "Wearing a false moustache for the entire month of Movember, whilst carrying on with your usual everyday stuff, is not for the faint hearted.

"We applaud Zan’s brave and unique attempt to raise awareness and much needed funds to support the Movember Foundation’s goal to stop men dying too young.

“Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK, killing approximately one man every 45 minutes.

"We hope Zan’s appearance will help spark conversations about the condition, and inspire men to seek medical assistance men if they notice something isn’t right.”  

Visit mosista.co/zanimo for more information or to donate.