BAKERY firm Greggs wants to build a factory that could create 300 jobs at Solstice Park, Amesbury.

In a planning application the company says the development is important to its expansion plans in the south west.

Its stores in Wiltshire and neighbouring counties curently have to rely on deliveries from Twickenham and Enfield in London, Birmingham and Treforest in South Wales.

It would like to have up to 250 shops in the region, but to supply them all it would need to ensure shorter delivery times for its fresh produce.

The development would mean a fleet of Greggs’ 17ft delivery vans making two daily deliveries to every shop – one taking bread and cakes in the early morning and the second dropping off drinks and crisps in the late afternoon or early evening.

There would also be lorries delivering raw materials to the factory, mainly on weekdays.

The company says there should be a maximum of 202 lorry movements a day.

A two-storey office block with changing and restaurant facilities for staff would be attached to the bakery, which would operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The site, bounded by Equinox Drive and Solar Way, would have 140 car parking spaces.

People have until October 21 to register their views with Wiltshire Council planners.

A decision is expected before Christmas.