A HAND car wash business in Amesbury has been allowed to continue using a pressure washer despite concerns about noise pollution.

The business on a former car sales site in High Street was granted planning permission by Wiltshire Council for a change of use in April last year with a condition that washing of cars should only be carried out by hand and not with any mechanical equipment, including pressure washers.

When Zubair Ali applied for permission to alter the condition the council received comments from South Wiltshire Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE_ and Environmental Health raising concerns about the excessive noise levels that would result from high pressure water supply equipment.

The council refused to alter the condition butMr Ali appealed against the decision.

Planning inspector David Morgan has now allowed the appeal and put in place a new condition that the business can use a pressure washer as long as it is only used in an area at the back of the building and the doors to the washing area remain closed throughout the process.

Mr Morgan said: “The council is right to be concerned about the intermittent though sustained levels of noise generated.

“However, the garage (now washing) enclosure is well set back from the street with a broad apron of concrete partly covered by a canopy.”

He also said High Street is a busy thoroughfare with a lot of commercial traffic and at a site visit the equipment was demonstrated and the noise levels were not considered detrimental to neighbours.