AS athletes from all over the world take part in the Paralympic Games, Hobnob is pleased to hear about a determined dog who is proving that it’s not just Humans who can defy the odds with their displays of courageous athleticism.

Blackie, a nine-year-old former racing greyhound being looked after by Dogs Trust Salisbury, only has three legs, but that doesn’t stop her outrunning some of her four-legged pals.

Dogs Trust manager Alison Rodger said: “Blackie is a gorgeous dog. It seems she is drawing inspiration from the amazing athletes that will be participating in the Paralympics this week as she has displayed dogged determination against the odds and such commitment to her running.

“She loves the outdoors and playing with her sister Molly at the centre, especially when there are races involved.”

Blackie is looking for a new home alongside her sister Molly.

For more information call 01980 629634 or visit .