STAFF and pupils at Mere Primary School are seeing double this year as three sets of twins have started in the reception class. Charlie and Alice joined identical twins Tom and Ben, and Sami and Caiden, in Blue Class last week.

Headteacher Catriona Williamson said: “I haven’t known this amount of twins in one class in all my teaching career.”

All three sets of twins have older brothers at the school already and they are settling in well. Their class teacher Catherine Bevan said: “Already we are beginning to see their individual characteristics and we can tell the identical twins apart.”

Claire Barton, mother of Charlie and Alice, said: “Mere School was a very easy choice for us to make as our eldest son, Jack, is also at the school and loves it.

“The transition for them has been very smooth thanks to the welcoming and friendly staff at both Mere School and Mere Pre-school. We are sure they will have a happy and fulfilling seven years.”