A HOMING pigeon has left Angie Roberts’ heart in a flutter after it landed on her Ringwood home to roost for five weeks before disappearing on Friday.

The affectionate bird, which Angie named George, would sit by her feet in her Chaffey Close garden, peck at her window every morning and waited patiently for her to finish work at Poppies Coffee Shop every afternoon.

He would sit on her car bonnet while she checked her car, try to fly into her home and when she was out in the garden with her friends, he would almost sit on her lap.

But now George has gone and Angie would like to know where he is.

Angie said: “It was very strange. He was here for about five weeks. I first noticed him when I was checking the water in my car. He just sat on the roof and watched me. He then followed me into the garden and is here at my house, all the time.

“He waited for me to finish work every day and he was lovely. But now he has flown away and I would love to know where he is.

“He seemed so happy. There are lots of pigeons in the area because of all the trees, so he always had somewhere to sleep and he enjoyed being with me and my neighbours.

“I had become very fond of him and didn’t mind him being here at all, as long as he was happy.”

“Poppies Coffee Shop owner David Gwatkin said: “George is such a character. I have never heard of a story like this before. If anyone knows where he is please call into the shop and let Angie know.”

Pigeons have been domesticated for thousands of years, serving as message carriers, as food, for show and as pets.

Pigeons can make good pets as they are sociable, friendly and inquisitive creatures.