A SPONSOR is needed to help teenagers in Ringwood express themselves.

Robert Moody, 18, has been calling on Ringwood Town Council for a blank graffiti wall to give young people a space for spray art without getting into trouble.

He said: “I would like a legal street art or graffiti wall in the town so young people can use it and respect it. I hope to work closely with the school and Ringwood Police.”

Now the council is poised to build the wall, which will involve fixing metal sheeting with a special coating, on a fence between the skate park and the former tennis courts on Carvers Field – but needs to find £1,000 to fund it.

Town clerk Terry Simpson said: “We are very supportive of the graffiti wall concept and are now ready to build the wall, but we need £1,000 from a sponsor. As soon as we have the funds we can get the project started.

“We will be giving young people a free hand with the wall providing the art is not offensive. “We expect the art to be different but as long as it does not cause offense to others and isn’t daubed in swearing then we will let teenagers express themselves.

“We really need people to get involved in this and as soon as we can find a sponsor then the art wall will be built.” New Forest North section inspector Simon Tribe said: “We are very supportive of the idea for a graffiti wall and Robert’s efforts to find something for the youth of Ringwood to do.

“We hope the graffiti wall will be a positive outlet for young people and hope it will reduce graffiti in the town.”

If anyone can help with sponsorship, call Ringwood Town Council on 01425 473883.