THE Maltings and Central Car Park of Salisbury is soon to be put through a major redevelopment process, renewing the structures that, when designed and built, were clearly thought to be suitable and no doubt good design for their time.

We will all be asked to judge the development that will be suggested to reinstate the current Maltings buildings in due course.

A key remit of the Salisbury Civic Society is to promote high standards of planning and architecture in the south Wiltshire area and assess applications that are submitted with this very question in mind.

Building a new building in a city like Salisbury is not straightforward. It must fit in.

So how do we know if it’s a good building/development or not and whether it will last the test of time, making it worthy of the costs it incurs? Two excellent speakers will assess these very questions at our open meeting in Salisbury Guildhall on November 20, which is free to all and open to everyone.